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Amendment --Imposing speed limits Amendment 2016-07-16-Imposing Speed Restrictions on certain highways.pdf 0.13 MB Array
Destruction of Obsolete Records ORD-2017-0415-B DestructionofObsoleteRecords.pdf 0.08 MB Array
Destruction of Obsolete Records Apendix A ORD-2017-0415-B APPENDIX A Destruction of Obsolete Records.pdf 0.23 MB Array
Destruction of Obsolete Records Apendix B ORD-2017-0415-B APPENDIX B Destruction of Obsolete Records.pdf 0.08 MB Array
ORD Appoint alternat members for Board of Review ORD 2014-05-12 BOR-appointment of Alternate Members-AMENDED(1).pdf 0.06 MB Array
Ord D20131007 Driveway Ordinance and Highway Access ORD-2013-07-13 Sumner Driveway Ordinance 9-30-2013-REVREV03-15-2014 GR.doc.pdf 0.09 MB Array
Ord to Discontinue the Central Jefferson County Municipal Court 2014-11-10-Discontinue the Central Jefferson County unicipal Court.pdf 0.12 MB Array
Ord-2012-09-10 Establishing Special or Seasonal Weight Limits ORD-2012-09-10-Establishing Special or Seasonal Weight Limits--Revised fee-2013-Ord only.pdf 0.09 MB Array
Ordinance 2009-205: Plan Commission ORD 2009-205 Plan Commission No 2009-205-20090810.pdf 0.16 MB Array
Ordinance 2009-206: Split Shift for Election Officials ORD 2009-206 Establishing split shifts for election officials.pdf 0.04 MB Array
Ordinance 2010-1018: Equal Rights to Fair Housing ORD 2010-0118-ORD Fair and Open Housing 20100118.pdf 0.06 MB Array
Ordinance 20140310 Exemption from Treasures Bond 2014 03 Ord Exempt Treasurers Bond.pdf 0.76 MB Array
Ordinance 54: Plan Commission Fees ORD No 54 town sumner plan commision fees.doc 0.03 MB doc
Ordinance Amendment W20120910A Establishing Special or Seasonal Weight Limits ORD Amendment 2012-12-10 Establishing Special or Seasonal Weight Limits.pdf 0.01 MB Array
Ordinance B-101: Burning ORD No B-101-19810302-Burning & AMD B-1.03 & B-1.04.pdf 0.2 MB Array
Ordinance C100-2010-0612: Citation Ordinance ORD-C100-2010-0612 Citation Ordinance.pdf 0.09 MB Array
Ordinance C200-2010-1009: Designate Class "B" Highways ORD-C200-2010-1009 Designate Class B Highways.pdf 0.07 MB Array
Ordinance N100-2010-1009: Naming Town Highways ORD N100-2010-1009 Renaming Lake Rd to Glenn Oaks Rd.pdf 0.08 MB Array
Ordinance P100-2010-0612: Public Nuisances ORD-P100-2010-0612-Public nuisance .pdf 0.09 MB Array
Ordinance: Municipal Judge (City of Jefferson) ORD City of Jefferson Code-033 including Sumner 110909.pdf 0.07 MB Array
Park Ordinance ORD-2012-03-12-Parks Ordinance for Town of Sumner 2 REVISED.pdf 0.1 MB Array
Park Ordinance Amendment Amendment 2015-08-15-Town Park Ordianance P-2012-0312.pdf 0.07 MB Array
Privileges in the Streets ORD-2013-11-11-Privileges in Streets.pdf 0.02 MB Array
Recycling Ordinance ORD-2017-0415-A Recyling and Waste Management Ordinance doc.pdf 0.12 MB Array
Update 2025 Comprehensive Plan ORD-2017-0415 Comprehensive Plan Update .pdf 0.09 MB Array