Ordinance 2021-0520 Regulating Burning

ORD-10 Amendment 2020-0615 Town Parking Ordinance

ORD-2020-0518 Highway Access and Driveway

ORD-2020-0518 Specifications Highway Access and Driveway

ORD-2019-0715 Privileges to Town Property by Resolution

ORD-2019-0715A Privileges to Town Property by Permit

ORD-2019-0715B Creation of Extraterritorial Zoning Committee

ORD-2019-0311 Jurisdiction over Commercial Electrical Installations

ORD-2018-1210 Adopting the WMRS for the Retention and Destruction of Records

ORD-2018-0910 Municipal Administrative Review Ordinance

Ordinance 2018-0611 Repealing Ordinance 89-5 Adopting Jefferson County Ordinance

Resolution 2018-0611 To Petition for County Road Aid and Appropriate Funds

ORD-2017-0415 Comprehensive Plan Update

ORD-2017-0415-A Recyling and Waste Management Ordinance doc

ORD-2017-0415-B APPENDIX A Destruction of Obsolete Records

ORD-2017-0415-B APPENDIX B Destruction of Obsolete Records

ORD-2018-0212 Addendum A Environmental Protection

ORD-2018-0212 Environmental Protection

ORD-2018-0514 Repealing ORD Regulating Tavern Closing Hours

Amendment - Imposing Speed Limits

Ord Appoint Alternate Members for Board of Review

Ord to Discontinue the Central Jefferson County Municipal Court

Ordinance #2017-1014 A Prohibiting Defacing of Signs

Ordinance #2017-1014-B Public Peace and Order

Ordinance #2017-1014-C Public Nuisances and Health Hazards

ORD-2017-1014-D Attachment A-Schedule of Cash Deposits-amended 03-12-2018

Ordinance #2017-1014-D Forfeitures and Citations for Violations

Ord-2012-09-10 Establishing Special or Seasonal Weight Limits

Ordinance 2009-205: Plan Commission

Ordinance 2009-206: Split Shift for Election Officials

Ordinance 2010-1018: Equal Rights to Fair Housing

Ordinance 20140310 Exemption from Treasures Bond

Ordinance 54: Plan Commission Fees

Ordinance Amendment W20120910A Establishing Special or Seasonal Weight Limits

Ordinance 2018-0312 Regulating Burning and Burn Permit

Ordinance C200-2010-1009: Designate Class "B" Highways

Ordinance N100-2010-1009: Naming Town Highways

Park Ordinance

Park Ordinance Amendment